What's this all about?

Headshot Booker is coordinating the largest, single-day photo initiative which will provide 10,000 unemployed Americans nationwide with a complimentary, professional headshot to include with their resumes and post to job sites such as LinkedIn and other social media. According to LinkedIn, people who include headshots receive 21 times more profile views and nine times more “connection” requests.

10,000 Headshots will take place at locations across the US on Wednesday, July 22, 2020 and are open to anyone who is currently unemployed. More than 200 Headshot Booker photographers will participate across all 50 states, creating pop-up studios at Brookfield Properties retail locations to take the headshots.  All headshots will be taken with social distancing and safety measures observed.

*Photo sessions are limited to 50 appointments per location.
**Participants must pre-register to reserve their 10 minute one-on-one headshot session.

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Why are we doing this?

10,000 Headshots is the brainchild of Tony Taafe, who co-founded Headshot Booker with renowned portrait photographer, Peter Hurley, and national event photographer, Lauren Lieberman. Taafe recalled the struggles his dad had with unemployment and the impact it had on his entire family. “I know firsthand that the effects of unemployment extend well beyond an individual,” he explains. “My dad was the hardest working person I ever met. He was in construction, the work wasn’t consistent and he had almost zero job security. “Unemployment impacts everyone and everything associated with that person,” Taafe continued. 

“Unfortunately many job seekers underestimate the value of a professional headshot, instead opting for a snapshot taken by a friend or even worse a selfie. The headshot has become the cornerstone of one’s digital brand identity and we want to empower people as they go through the process of procuring a new job and getting back into the workforce,” explains Headshot Booker co-founder Peter Hurley. 

“We want everyone coming through 10,000 Headshots to have a wonderful experience and look to us as a support network,” explained Lauren Lieberman, co-founder of Headshot Booker and CEO of LILA PHOTO in Palm Beach. “Finding a job is hard work. Our hope is that, along with a great professional headshot, they will leave the photo session with a greater sense of confidence and purpose, knowing they are making an investment in themselves and their future.”

“This is an impactful initiative on multiple levels for participants, photographers and partners,” said Ryan Jacobs, founder and CEO of SpotMyPhotos. “We are proud to leverage our platform to empower 10,000 people with the confidence accompanying such high-quality headshots as they seek out new job opportunities.

Safety Precautions

We are making every effort to ensure our photographer’s safety and each participant’s safety. Social distancing practices will be implemented at every Brookfield Properties location and Photographer studio.  

  • Each participant will have a one-on-one session scheduled in 10 minute time slots
  • Every photographer will be wearing a mask throughout the photo session
  • Participants will receive their images through contactless photo delivery courtesy of SpotMyPhotos
  • Safety guidelines will be implemented at each location