Our Process

Headshot Booker is the number one headshot photography agency in the world. We know the confidence that a great headshot brings to an individual and the power it gives your company's brand.

A professional headshot is a must for conducting business in a digitally connected world. A strong headshot is the foundation for your digital presence and puts a face behind your service or product. You are your brand, and a powerful headshot is your digital handshake.

We’re your headshot photography specialists. We don’t do travel photography, or weddings, we don’t photograph homes for sale, or sports. We’re not trying to be okay at everything, we are the very best at one thing. We love what we do and know how to make you look and feel your very best in your new headshot.

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Worldwide Network of Photographers

We are the largest network of headshot photographers in the world. Whether your team is in one location, or multiple offices around the world, Headshot Booker’s photographers will make your team look their best with a consistent look across your organization. We can set up a shoot in your offices, or you can come to one of our thousands of locations across the globe.

Our Commitment to Excellence

All Headshot Booker photographers have been trained by world renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley, and go through a rigorous vetting process before being considered to work with our clients. We are committed to providing the highest quality images and experience for every client, every time. This is why some of the biggest companies have trusted our photographers with their headshots.

Custom Tailored for your Organization

Your HSB Consultant will custom tailor a photoshoot to meet the needs of your organization. We handle everything from getting the best photographers for the job, to the logistics of the big day, to the editing and delivery of the final images.

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  • A Streamlined Booking Process
    We provide an easy-to-use system for your team members to schedule their individual shoot times.
  • High-Quality Photo Editing and Retouching
    We work with premier retouchers and photo editors that will put the finishing touches to your images ensuring a consistent look across your brand. We can prepare the final images in any format you need.
  • Easy Online Delivery
    You will receive an online gallery of your images to select your favorites and download your final images.