About Headshot Booker

Headshot Booker Founders Tony Taafe and Peter Hurley are two of the most prominent headshot photographers in the US. Peter continues to train thousands of headshot photographers across the world both in person and through his coaching platform. Tony introduced his unique take on the client experience and business side of headshot photography, to change the way headshot photographers operate their businesses and importantly, present an excellent  experience to their clients.

Peter and Tony saw the need for Headshot Booker when it became clear that due to headshot photography still being an emerging market, there is confusion from both clients and photographers in how to correctly value on location headshot photography projects. Through Headshot Booker, Tony and Peter vow to fairly price the on location headshot photography market, ensuring that our clients get the service and quality that they pay for, while offering different options to suit their needs.  And photographers also get paid fairly based on their talents and dedication to the client experience standards we uphold.