About Headshot Booker

Headshot Booker is the premier agency committed to uniting Corporations with accredited headshot photographers around the globe. Headshot Booker is powered by the largest and most elite group of headshot specialists trained by Peter Hurley, renowned photographer, author of The Headshot, and co-founder of Headshot Booker.  Whether a company is in one location or multiple offices around the world, we are passionate about delivering to each client an elevated experience, complete with a streamlined booking process and exceptional headshots with a cohesive and consistent look that highlights the people who define your brand.

Our Founders

Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley's haphazard way of moving through life has had him cruising the seven seas on a sailboat while training for the Olympics, thrown him in front of a camera modeling for the likes of Polo, Hanes, Wrangler, and Abercrombie, and had him recognized as the premier headshot photographer in the world after having over 30,000 faces 3 feet in front of his lens. His prowess as a lensman fueled his desire to educate. He has spoken at Google, Apple, Microsoft, and TEDx on the subject of how to be your most photogenic self. His unique ideas on the subject have propelled his YouTube videos to over 8 million views. Canon took notice and brought Peter under their wing by honoring him as one of their coveted Explorers of Light. 

When he's not taking pictures, Peter spends much of his time educating as the founder of the Headshot Crew, a photographer network that is now home to the largest and most talented group of headshot specialists in the world. Although he never anticipated adding author to his list of accolades, his book, The Headshot, jumped to the bestseller list in photography immediately after its highly anticipated release. While he still believes that the twists and turns of his life continue to make it a most interesting journey, he couldn't be more grateful to have picked up a camera along the way. He calls New York City his home where he lives with his beautiful wife and precious twin daughters.

Tony Taafe

Tony arrived in Los Angeles, CA from Liverpool in the UK in 2010, with $1300 in his pocket and the offer of a work visa which never materialized. A journalism visa and a tenacious knack for making the best of any situation led him to a career in photography.  First as a photojournalist, and then as one of the leading Corporate and Commercial headshot photographers in the US. Tony’s work has taken him to 46 states in the US, and counting. 

Tony’s background includes working closely with luxury brands Bentley and Audi. This experience helped him introduce the headshot photography industry to his unique method, which encompasses client experience, and the business side of headshot photography.  Tony’s method changed the way headshot photographers across the world run their businesses and importantly, offered a blueprint to deliver an excellent experience to their clients.  Headshot Booker’s powerful “10,000 Headshots” initiative is proudly Tony’s brainchild, a solution to help those unemployed as a result of COVID-19 put their best foot forward as they look to get back to work.